Swallow the Sea

I'm currently seeking representation for my YA fantasy novel Swallow the Sea. Cursed secrets, sister rivalry, awkward romance, Ice-Giants, and extremely charming dragons. Check it out...


The Warrior-Daughters of Morin have sworn a blood-oath to hunt the dragon that killed their father. They're everything their father dreamed they would be: famous, skillful, beautiful. Fearless. Relentless.

Except Nuna. She never wanted to be a warrior. She only arouses the wrath of the dragon-king while trying to work up the nerve to shoot a rabbit. When her flight from the dragon lands her in the lair of an ancient sorceress, both Nuna’s and her sisters’ plans for her life are thwarted.

Nuna is cursed, but she cannot tell anyone. She is the Secret-Keeper. Telling the secret of Ratha's immortality is not only fatal, but will pass the curse to whomever she tells. Terrified of herself, Nuna runs. She wants to find a place where she will never be tricked or tempted to destroy another person the way she was destroyed.

But when Nuna is fifteen, Ratha begins mustering his force in the North. The fates of Nuna's sisters, her best friend Eliot, and the whole realm are now bound up in her struggle with the curse's draw toward darkness. If she were willing to probe the riddle contained in the Secret, Nuna might be the only one in Eastärna with the power to destroy Ratha. Or the Secret might destroy her first. 

Swallow the Sea is the first book in the Flame of Tirinon Series.

The Concept…

The concept for Swallow the Sea came to me in college. For whatever reason, I have always been someone people have felt they could tell their secrets. This has been very humbling for me. Over and over, I have witnessed the incredible resilience and courage of the human heart—the strength it finds to fly despite the hidden burdens it carries.

But especially when I was a teenager, I didn't always know what to do with the secrets my friends entrusted to me. Sometimes I felt them as a heavy weight. I wanted to fix them—to dissolve the secrets—but I couldn’t. Then I began to understand how important it was for a secret-keeper simply to have someone bear this burden along with them.

And the idea came to me: What if a girl had to keep a secret under pain of a lethal curse? What if she could tell no one? From this simple thought was born Nuna.