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Looking for Mermaids

I’m skinny with frizzy red hair that springs all around when I dance. Daddy says I remind him of a scrawny pine tree set afire like Moses’ burning bush. I think I’m more like a bouncy ball that someone hurled down a tunnel.

“Be still, Virginia,” Miss Dobson always tells me, but it’s so hard.

I am still when she gives back my history test. I fold the paper carefully into a square the size of a caramel and push it into the back of my desk.

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Swallow the Sea

The Warrior-Daughters of Morin have sworn a blood-oath to hunt the dragon that killed their father. They're everything their father dreamed they would be: famous, skillful, beautiful. Fearless. Relentless.

Except Nuna. She never wanted to be a warrior. She only arouses the wrath of the dragon-king while trying to work up the nerve to shoot a rabbit.

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Would you rather

Would you rather be a kid or a grown-up?/ Would you rather be a kid or a dragon?/ Would you rather be a grown-up or your whole/ body turn into glitter throwed into the air?/ Would you rather play video games all day with/ having no money, or have all the money/ and work all day, work/ twenty-four/ hours and twenty million/ minutes and all the/ every single/ seconds?/ Would you rather be burnt up by a dragon/ or be a grown-up?

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